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Bullet 2.0

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Last year we introduced BULLET: World's Smallest LED Flashlight. We are back again, now with an even more minimal design, inspired by the iconic 40 S&W Luger round. 

Introducing BULLET 02: World's Smallest LED Flashlight, Even Smaller.


We wanted to create something better and solve all the issues that the first Bullet faced. So we went back to the drawing board and started a complete redesign. 

The uber minimal design makes it even smaller than it's counterpart. BULLET 02 can be attached to virtually anything. Your gym bag, your jacket, your keys. Suitable for any indoor or outdoor situation.



We believe that your everyday carry essentials are a reflection of you and your lifestyle. BULLET 02 not only is functional, beautiful and minimal, but its new design makes it the best, most resistant everyday carry tiny LED flashlight available.

BULLET 02 will feature a quick 180 degree rotation that is spring locked for secure on/off operation. The Bullet 02 will not unlatch even under the most vigorous conditions


Pushing the boundaries was our goal- How can we make BULLET better? Waterproof. More minimal. More secure. Smaller. Brighter. And most important of all, indestructible.

Available in Matte Black and Matte Brass
Available in Matte Black and Matte Brass




We designed Bullet 02 with resistance in mind. We wanted to create a flashlight so durable, it will last in any condition and under any circumstances. We even ran over it with an SUV.


Designed with aerospace-grade aluminum and a sleek anodized treatment, BULLET 02 is built for any situation possible. 

Rain, sleet, hail, snow, heat and most importantly of all, water. Meaning BULLET 02 can be submerged underwater for a total of 5 minutes without any water breaching it's seals. It will illuminate in any weather and in any situation, helping you solve any problem.

Our first design wasn't enough. We came up with an even smaller design, added a spring lock mechanism to increase pressure inside of the casing. We also added a longer stem with fine threading to avoid BULLET 02 from unlatching. We combined that with premium aircraft grade aluminum alloy for a refined finish. 

Measuring in at an incredible 10mm x 26mm and weighing only 5 grams, BULLET 02 is the perfect sized flashlight for modern day wear. Powered by three LR41 Button Cell batteries to produce 20 lumens of light, keep it with you at all times, anywhere you go. 

What makes us different? We eliminate the bulk, weight, and hassle from traditional everyday carry flashlights, creating a seamless experience for you every single day.

Our competition isn't too competitive now, is it?
Our competition isn't too competitive now, is it?



One of the main features we wanted to redesign was our previous "Twist Operation". We have improved this by creating a new mechanism altogether. This time, improving the threading by making it finer and having the threading extend all the way up through the inner casing. In addition, adding a gold plated spring inside for optimal conductivity and pressure, for keeping Bullet 02 snug and sturdy at all times. 

We wanted to keep the minimal design without unnecessary buttons to keep it slick. With the new spring lock operation, it won't ever open unintentionally.

An LED light is ideal for everyday use over a long period of time. Never worry about breaking the light, since no glass or filament is used, or replacing it, since LEDs can last a lifetime. These batteries also last much longer with LED light, saving you both time and money in the long haul.


What is an LED you ask? LED’s are the most efficient kind of light bulbs out on the market today. One small bulb can last you anywhere from 20,000 to 100,000 hours. Of course you'll still have to replace the batteries periodically. However, we decided to use a premium bulb for BULLET 02 that can last up to 150,000 hours in lifespan.


This time we made the threads tighter, finer, and added a rubber O-ring inside the casing to create a more secure and waterproof flashlight. Also, the leverage provided by the key ring makes it easy to twist on/off. Furthermore, the triangle ring offers increased stability when on a keychain.


  • Weight: 5 Grams
  • Width: 10.5 mm
  • Length: 26 mm
  • Materials: Premium Aerospace Grade Aluminum Alloy (T6061)
  • Battery: LR41 Button Cell
  • Type of bulb: LED 5mm
  • Special Features: Premium On/Off twist setting, and Mini Key Ring attached.
  • Color Options: Brass and Black


SLUGHAUS is a small company based out of San Francisco with the sole mission of helping you stay minimal and functional. We believe that your everyday carry essentials influence your lifestyle. BULLET 02's elegance inspires innovation, while its functionality keeps you on-the-go. We hope that our products not only help keep you minimal, but help mold your lifestyle as a whole.






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