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2nd Generation Bubi Bottles

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Are you ready to enjoy the freedom and convenience of a truly SAFE water bottle that simply rolls up for easy storage? Well, meet the bubi Bottle - BPA Free Reusable Collapsible Silicone Water Bottles!

Made from silicone, bubi is both BPA and Microbial-free; can be frozen as well as placed over a fire to boil water or soup. Designed to be fashionable, with a huge array of colors to choose from (or mix-and-match); it is a survival essential for the rugged outdoorsy types.

The bubi bottle is the only bottle that can be used as a medical aide (hot or cold compress). It stores bandages to stay dry and can be used as a pillow when traveling or sleeping on the ground. Place it over a fire (yes, fire!), heat up some water and place it in your sleeping bag to stay warm. The bubi bottle also works great during cold winters. Just place it under your coat and stay warm for the day!

roll it up to go | keep it cool or hot  light for travel 
 waterproof storage | a better bottle


  • microwave-* and freezer-safe
  • mold-resistant
  • bpa-free
  • never releases harmful chemicals
  • retains its shape
  • dishwasher-safe
  • lightweight
  • foldable
  • reversible to clean
  • customizable
  • great for gifting

*remove cap and carabiner before placing in microwave


  • hot or cold beverages
  • hot or cold compress
  • hot or cold pillow
  • stress relief
  • arthritis pain relief
  • warming bed, hands, ski boots
  • ice or hot pack
  • hydration


  • laundry detergent
  • cleaning products
  • dry or liquid medicine
  • milk, juice, breastmilk
  • dry goods like rice, oatmeal, tea
  • matches
  • bandages
  • waterproofing electronics

use everywhere

  • hiking & outdoor sports
  • at the beach or pool
  • scuba diving
  • water sports
  • canoeing, camping, sailing
  • toddlers and kids
Colours Available for Bubi 2nd Generation:
Amethyst 2, Pacific, Rose Quartz, Sunset, Seaweed Green, Seafoam, Gunmetal Grey, Crimson Red

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