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DUO World's Best Travel Pillow: 9 features packed in 1 pillow

DUO World's Best Travel Pillow: 9 features packed in 1 pillow

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The DUO team are a group of passionate travelers that together have visited over 60 countries and way too many red eye flights to remember. We decided that we have had enough of trying to get a few moments of bad sleep before it was time to get off a plane and straight into a meeting or exploring a new culture. We knew there had to be a better way to sleep while traveling. 




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For this hunt, each pledge will get you one DUO Travel Set, which includes 1x DUO pillow, 1x blackout hood and 1x travel pouch. 








 We have Designed the Duo pillow to have endless uses while your on the road. With 4 main ways to find a comfortable sleep no matter where or how your traveling. 

 The Beard is what really sets this pillow apart from the rest. This position provides an area to sit your chin snugly to provide support to your neck. This means you can say goodbye to your head bobbing up and down and side to side when you are sitting straight up. 


The Bear hug is a comfy way to support your head while leaning forward on your lap or tray table. If your the type of person who would rather sleep leaning as forward as possible while seated, this is the perfect way to find comfort while sleeping.


The Field goal is similar to the traditional u shaped neck pillows... but with a whole lot more support. with the top flanks pointed upward it supports your head from bobbing back and forth and unlike a traditional neck pillow this position allows your head to lean against the flanks instead of all the way back to the seat headrest.


 The Shoulder Pads is worn similarly to the field goal, but with the flanks pointed downward. This position allows for the person's head to lean all the way back if desired. Additionally, this position provides support to your shoulders.


Here's what sleep doctor Dr. Jeffrey Ellenbogen, chief of sleep medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, had to say about sleeping on a plane.

“Don’t be too jealous,” they’re not sleeping well. More likely, they’re chugging along in shallow states of drowsiness and frequently disrupted light stages of sleep.” 

 As we get deeper and deeper into sleep, he said, our muscles become more and more relaxed. That means it’s impossible to sleep well while sitting up because our neck muscles have to keep working. 

What about a neck pillow? 

“It’s the right idea, but most are poorly constructed,” he said. 

That's where the Duo is different, instead of forcing a person to use neck muscles to keep their head upright, the Duo allows the you to completely relax and let the pillow worry about keeping your head up.

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