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Ergobaby Original Baby Carrier

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The most ergonomic baby carrier available on the market! Free registered delivery and best prices guaranteed!

For most moms, the Ergobaby needs little introduction. Specially designed to evenly distribute the carrying load from the back to the sholders and hips, allowing you to carry your baby for longer periods of time. Find out which one is perfect for you and your child:

The Original

The Original Ergo Baby carrier features straight shoulder straps and standard waist belt, designed to fit most body types. To achieve this, Ergo baby carrier features thickly padded waist belt and shoulder straps. The carrier also has a small hood hidden inside a pocket that serves to prevent baby's head from bouncing around while walking and also allows you to nurse your baby in public right inside the carrier. It is made from 100% cotton and features attractive prints or colors to suit your taste.

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