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Jackall Gillcra 60

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Bream/Tilapia Imitator, Flat-side Crankbait, designed to look like the baitfish of choice.

Designed in Japan by lure designer Seiji Kato, the Jackall Gillcra 60 is a 60mm floating crank bait with a tight rolling action and great cast ability thanks to its magnetic weight transfer system.

Lure Design

2.5mm long lip

As the lure sprints underwater, the angle of the lip is horizontal with respect to the body. It helps the Gillcra produce its tight rolling action.

Adopting a large-diameter moving ball to eliminate sluggish casting distance!

By employing the large diameter moving balls, one of the biggest issues with using typical flat side crank, it eliminates sluggish distance, creating a stable distance to help enhance your wide-area search, improving your chances of landing fish.

Flat Lip Design

As the tip of the lip is designed to be flat, when the lure is in contact with the bottom it achieves a straight-line stability to continue to swim while keeping the lure straight at the bottom for longer periods

Colors Available:

For this round we have prepared 6 of the most popular 6 colors locally for the deal


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