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Jackall TN50/60 Vibe - Disk Knocker

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Can't wait and rather get the Jackall TN50/60 Vibe - Disk Knocker at a group price? Click here to request for the next hunt, and get notified when it goes live! 

The current hot lure in the market, proven in local waters!

With a stable swimming posture combined with an excellent bottom-sensing capability, The TN50/60 Disk Knocker series is a must have lure for any serious angler. Previously called the IYOKEN SOUND, this lure does brilliantly no matter your retrieve style (slow or high-speed) - it's signature "Kotokoto" sound attracts the big guns in any reservoir or pond. Get heard in your playing ground = more strikes!

Design and Colors Available

For this hunt, you can choose between the TN50 or TN60 Disk Knocker. We've picked 4 popular and proven colors to work in local waters for this round. If you'd like to see other colors - please request it by leaving a comment below and we will consider bringing it in for the next round if there are enough requests.

Colors available are BC Blood Punk Line, Crawfish, Brown Shiner Punk Line and Crystal Banana

Lure Specifications

Catch Report with TN Vibes

img credit: Justin Koh on FB



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