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Bath towels may be the hardest working members of your household. After all, we expect our towels and washcloths to keep us clean, dry us off and add to the look of our bathroom.  

However, despite their versatility, towels are often underappreciated, with many people putting little thought into which type of towel they buy and bring home. Sento towels look, last and perform better.

The right towel  

If you think about it, you use a towel everyday. Whether after your bath, shower, washing your hands or at the beach. However, your choices at the store are confusing.  

Cheap towels won't stay soft after a only few washes and fray apart easier. Even if you're willing to spend more, unfamiliar features and a wide spectrum of prices can make the options overwhelming. Finding the right towel can be a frustrating experience, but we don’t think that needs to be the case.

Traditional towels are bulky, heavy, trap dirt, and take forever to dry. These inconveniences are something that we’ve all dealt with, and this led us to create the ultimate towel.  

Say Hello to Sento....  

That's where Sento comes in, introducing the towels as soft as a cloud.  

After experimenting with dozens of towels, fabrics & types of cotton we’ve created an incredible towel that feels right in your bathroom. Combining the best elements of western and Japan towel making, and putting them into one great towel.

The most absorbent, luxuriously delicate, odor resistant & 100% Japanese cotton towel. Welcome into your life fine craftsmanship in the pursuit of excellence in towel making. We know you'll love it!  


The Japanese have been perfecting the art of towel making for hundreds of years. Used by the high class of society in the 17th Century including the Samurai. They still carry on this tradition focusing on superior craftsmanship and simplicity.

In modern Japan bath houses are a large part of the culture and we have taken inspiration from both the fine experience and the name 'Sento' which is Japanese for bathhouse.

Composed of two textured sides stitched together in the traditional Japanese style. A cotton front with a gentle texture and a looped terry pile in the back. Using a premium woven stich rather than low grade sewing knit that regular towels use.  

"Created with painstaking attention to detail"

Sento features:  

  • Larger size than your regular towel 
  • Dries 3x quicker 
  • Absorbs 3x its weight 
  • Soft & Durable 
  • 100% Japanese Cotton 
  • Style and Decor 
  • Minimalist Design 
  • Anti-bacterial to eliminate odors  

Inspired by our passion for the finer things in life, Japanese craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Many towels are made of cotton, but the look and feel of towels largely depends on what type of cotton is used. Towels designed and priced for everyday use are made of sub-standard cotton.

Sento is made with 100% Japanese cotton which use longer, more-fibrous threads, meaning that each towel will have more moisture-wicking loops per inch. Sento fabric is ultra-soft, super-fluffy and designed for high-end spas and hotels with it's luxurious look and feel.  

“A better experience with every touch”

Unlike mircofibre, which is a man made fabric, we use organic cotton which has a looser, velvety-soft texture. Unlike towels made from engineered fibers these natural fibers are better for your skin and extra absorbent. Best used for wringing water from wet hair without being too heavy.

Sento towels are woven to create lots of little loops with high quality yarn allowing for a better spun affect. Giving the soft, silky and fluffy feel. Making Sento one of the softest towels ever.

 "Towels as soft as the sense of well-being"



 Sento comes in 3 different colors - Dark Navy, Grey and White. 2 new colours have become availble as the campaign hits its stretch goals. Choose from the original 3 colours and 2 new colours, Red/Burgundy and Royal Blue.