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Tiny City Landscape Bookmark Stickies (Tokyo)

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Can wait and rather get the Tiny City Landscape Bookmark Stickies at a group price? Click here to request for the next hunt, and get notified when it goes live! 

Adding a cute and playful element to the mundane process of bookmarking, these sticky paper tabs let you create little landscapes and scenes on top of you books, ideal for research, study and quick reference to your favorite pages.

Pick a pack from the range of cities and natural habitats available, or mix and match to create your own book top utopia and grow miniature worlds in your books!

The Tokyo Set features godzilla, tokyo tower, tochoó, sky tree, thundergate, 'mansions', and tower blocks.

The Tiny City Landscape Bookmark Stickies are designed by British designer Duncan Shotton, and produced in South Korea. Each paper marker is a stack of 20 sheets, and ships for free. =)



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