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Zebra G Titanium Nib

Zebra G Titanium Nib

  • $5000

Can wait and rather get the Zebra G Titanium Nibs at a group price? Click here to request for the next hunt, and get notified when it goes live! 

Titanium nibs are full-flex and reputed to last 3 times longer than their common chrome counterparts.

To the writing enthusiast, Titanium Zebra G Nibs are reputed to last 3 times longer than the more common chrome ones. They are not as prone to rusting, if used in a fountain pen with fountain pen inks (some of which can be acidic or contain corrosive elements).

For both Calligraphers and fountain pen lovers alike, a Titanium Zebra G in a fountain pen offers a full-flex fountain pen (which in a modern fountain pen is rare, and often costly), that can be use for calligraphy practice on the run (without having to bring dip nibs, or bottles of ink) or just having a pen with a more expressive line.

Each order on the Grouphunt Marketplace is for a single nib. Nibs ship for free! =)

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